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Safe & Effective Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants have become the preferred tooth-replacement solution in modern dentistry. Dr. Ron Shiver is pleased to perform dental implant surgery for his patients in the Valdosta, GA, area. Backed with decades of experience, he has earned a reputation for excellence in placing implants and restoring them with high-quality prosthetics. He can also perform a range of preparatory procedures, if needed, to make his practice your convenient one-stop-shop for dental implants.

Graphic demonstrating how the metal post, abutment, and restoration of an implant fit together.
Depending on the type of implant Dr. Shiver recommends, he may place your implant, attach the abutment, and connect the restoration in either one or two appointments.

Preparing for Implant Surgery

At your initial consultation, Dr. Shiver will evaluate the health of your jawbone. Using advanced imagery systems, including a computerized tomography (CT) scanner, he will identify the strongest portions of your jaw that can best support dental implants. Dr. Shiver will also examine your jaw for bone recession, which is a common side effect of long-term tooth loss.

Bone degeneration can limit candidacy for implants, since a sturdy jawbone is needed to retain the implants. If you suffer from jawbone atrophy, Dr. Shiver may perform a preparatory procedure, such as a bone graft, to fortify the jaw and improve your dental implants candidacy. Patients who require a preparatory surgery will typically need several months to heal before undergoing implant surgery. 

Implant Surgery & Prosthetic Placement

Dental implant surgery will require a local anesthetic and may take place under sedation. For patient comfort, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

Once you are ready, Dr. Shiver will carefully make incisions in your gums. Using the detailed imagery scans taken during your consultation, he can identify the ideal location and angle for your implant or implants. He can then make incisions in the gum and jawbone to accommodate the titanium implant posts and insert them. In doing so, he will keep disruption to adjacent tissue to a minimum for faster healing and greater comfort.

The All-on-4® method reduces the traditional two surgery treatment for dental implants into a single surgery.

If you are receiving traditional dental implants, Dr. Shiver will close the incisions after the posts are placed. Over the next four to six months, your bone and implant will heal and fuse together as part of the osseointegration process. When this process is complete, you can receive your abutments that connect the post and the restorations during a second, minor surgery. Once your gums have healed, you can return to our office for a final time to have the permanent crown, bridge or dentures attached.

Alternatively, the All-on-4® method reduces the traditional two surgery treatment into a single surgery. During this treatment, Dr. Shiver will place four implants in the jaw and attach the prosthetic on the same day.

For both traditional implants and All-on-4 implants, patients typically receive a temporary prosthetic to wear until osseointegration is complete, returning for the placement of the permanent prosthetic a few months later.

After Implant Surgery

Following implant placement, you may experience minor to moderate discomfort and swelling. Patients can typically manage this with over-the-counter medications until it fades. While healing, patients are encouraged to eat soft foods and carefully perform at-home hygiene routines to avoid irritating the treatment site.

Experience Superior Care

Dr. Shiver can perform for you a safe and precise dental implant surgery that delivers a gorgeous, complete smile. Please call us at (229) 247-0923, or contact us online to schedule your appointment. Dr. Shiver can provide an estimated treatment cost during your consultation.

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