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Dental Fillings Quickly and Affordably Repair Teeth After a Cavity

In the US alone, 92 percent of adults over the age of 20 have tooth decay that represents as a cavity. Dr. Ron L. Shiver, a highly skilled restorative dentist, offers a variety of options for dental fillings at his Valdosta, GA, practice, including metal amalgam and tooth-colored composite fillings. His advanced techniques can preserve the natural structure and aesthetics of your tooth while effectively removing bacteria and decay. 

Illustration side-by-side of an amalgam filling and tooth-colored filling
Both amalgam and composite fillings offer patients unique benefits.

Our Restorative Options

Cavities that are allowed to progress can cause a significant amount of pain and damage. Advanced decay may require extensive treatment with restorations such as an inlay, onlay, or dental crown. However, when detected early, tooth decay can usually be treated with a simple dental filling. Our office provides multiple types of dental fillings to meet our patients' varied needs and budgets.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are composed of metal. Although these fillings are less popular today, amalgam is still a good option for restorative treatment because it is very strong and is often a more affordable solution. Amalgam fillings are ideal for patients who are chronic teeth grinders. However, because metal fillings do not blend with your teeth, they are typically recommended for back molars, which are less visible. 

Tooth-colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are created from a specialized composite resin material. Tooth-colored fillings offer a variety of unique advantages:

  • These restorations are custom-matched to your tooth so that the filling will blend with your smile.
  • Composite resin fillings are resistant to temperature a quality that can protect your tooth from further damage.
  • Tooth-colored fillings require less modification of the structure of your natural tooth.
  • Composite resin is non-toxic.

Placing a Dental Filling

Placing a dental filling is a routine procedure that Dr. Shiver can complete in just one appointment. After you have received any necessary anesthetic or sedation, he will clean the affected tooth. Dr. Shiver can then use our advanced BIOLASE® laser, to carefully remove areas of decay. This advanced technology provides precision treatment with minimal discomfort.

Dr. Shiver will then modify your tooth to accommodate your filling. If you are receiving a composite resin filling, he will apply the materials in layers and will harden each layer with a specialized light. Once your filling is in place and complete, Dr. Shiver will ensure that it does not affect your bite, and will polish the area for a seamless smile.

We only use the finest of materials for your smile. With all of our dental filling options, your restoration can repair your tooth and restore your oral health.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are easy to place and present a cost-effective way to restore your teeth and your oral health. This vital restorative procedure can help prevent the progression of tooth decay, which can lead to serious health concerns. Fillings are also able to provide necessary strength to damaged and decayed teeth, preventing future breakage and discomfort. We only use the finest of materials for your smile. With all of our dental filling options, your restoration can repair your tooth and restore your oral health.

Restore Your Smile

The placement of dental fillings is a commonly performed procedure, and Dr. Shiver offers custom filling options to meet your unique needs. If you think you may have a cavity, do not hesitate to contact our office

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